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BBC Redux contains material which is copyright of the BBC and/or other third parties.
It is an internal BBC system and access is restricted to BBC staff and authorised third parties.

BBC Public Service
If you work for BBC Public Service, then use this page to request a Redux account. Access will be granted for 12 months after which you will need to revalidate your account.

BBC Studios & Indies
If you work in BBC Studios or for an Indie, and are currently working on a BBC commission, then you may apply naming as sponsor the Commissioning Editor of the programme you are working on.

You must also provide in the Justification section:

  • The title of the programme or series you are working on
  • The name of your Executive Producer
  • The reason why you require access
  • Please note: if any of the above details are missing from your application we will have to reject your application. Also note that use of Redux for speculative (i.e. uncontracted) development will not be approved.

    Access is temporary and the length of the access (either 3 or 6 months) will be defined by your BBC Sponsor.

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